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The name chosen for this website, “Uncensored Judaism”, implies that Judaism as it is known by the masses today is very much “censored”. This is a result of many factors over the course of thousands of years. There are two types of censorship: intentional and unintentional. Intentional censorship was carried out over the course of many generations by the Prophets, Sages and Rabbis, at times straying from pure truth, in order to protect the Torah and guide the Jewish people as they saw fit, in addition to other religious/educational reasons. However, another kind of “censorship” was an unintentional outcome of historical, social and technical reasons. This is often referred to as “the evolution of Halacha”. We believe that our generation is ready to advance forward and comprehend Judaism in an uncensored manner.

Supplying truthful answers to a question-oriented generation:

Many Jews do not take elementary beliefs and facts in Judaism as a given unquestionable dogma. This website was built for those people who are looking for a higher level of Torah/wisdom that matches their spiritual and intellectual level. Our generation’s questions originate from a higher/deeper realm and it is our duty to rise up to those questions. We should not demand from the inquirers to abandon their intelligence and believe blindly. Rav Kook, one of the great Rabbis of the past century wrote, “A belief, which the intellect doesn’t agree to, stimulates fury and is damaging. This is because the part of man which is most supreme, man’s brain, becomes insulted because of it.” (Orot HaEmunah, Mosad Harav Kook (Hebrew), pg. 138)

Our current generation is not afraid to question, and it is our duty to research and supply them with the answers that they deserve. In fact, questioning is the force behind knowledge and understanding. With every additional question and answer, an additional understanding is born. In the ancient language of Aramaic, the word for question is “Ba’aya,” which is the modern-Hebrew word meaning “problem”. Another Aramaic word for question is “Kushiya,” which is a derivative of the Hebrew word meaning “difficulty”. This shows that the ability to ask a question is in itself the ability to see a problem. Our current generation is full of light, tolerance, and potential. We are able to see reality in its full spectrum unlike the black and white perspectives of past generations. Only one who can see the problems and difficulties in Judaism and in the Torah world today can ask the questions that need to be asked. Only when the questions are laid down on the table can there be genuine hope for answers and resolutions. In every generation the truth has taken a different facet and was seen in a different way. In this generation the truth must be shown in all of its beauty and “dirt” combined, because we are able to manage and appreciate it.

We believe that apologetic answers are only “band-aid solutions” for sincere and intellectually honest questions. This website will aid readers along their journey towards understanding the big picture and arriving at truthful answers to their questions.

Intellectually honest Torah perception

The Torah and the Jewish tradition need to be displayed in a transparently honest and wholesome manner. There is a need to eliminate the historical and inaccurate assumptions and dogmas that can often blind us when studying, examining, and researching the Torah and the Jewish tradition. We aim to be fully transparent; nothing is to be swept under the rug or censored.

Uncensored Judaism will closely re-examine and display the very beginnings of Judaism, the Torah, and the Jewish tradition according to well-established, balanced, and rational viewpoints based on a vast variety of solid sources. We will provide an in-depth examination of the detailed nature of religion in general and Judaism in particular by revisiting the core foundations and roots of the Torah and the Jewish tradition. For this purpose, the reader is required to “start from scratch”, to open a new page, and learn and research different assumptions and prefaces in order to fully understand the Torah and Jewish tradition in a scientifically comprehensive and truthful way.

In order to truly understand the Torah and Judaism “uncensoredly”, the articles in this website will be presented via a wide-range of “lenses” and perspectives: historically, sociologically, psychologically, and philosophically. Articles published on our website will cover a vast amount of topics, incorporating a wide spectrum of Rabbinic/Jewish sources in addition to many secular and non-Jewish sources as well.

Some of the themes include how mankind conceived and conceptualized God throughout history, academic Biblical study and research, the birth and history of Chazal, Halachic reform and evolution throughout the generations, and much more.

The decay of contemporary Orthodox Judaism

Orthodox Judaism is in great need of a system update and upgrade. The life force and vision in Judaism stopped a long time ago. Especially in the past few hundred years, Judaism has been frozen solid – unchanging and without direction. However, it is only possible to freeze something for a limited period of time. However when the surrounding environment “heats up” and advances, the frozen material will eventually melt and dissolve. This is exactly what’s happening to Orthodox Judaism today. For a long period of time the Sages and Rabbis succeeded in leading and protecting the status quo of the Torah and the Jewish tradition. However, in today’s age, the regular way of teaching and preaching is not working anymore and is losing its effect. There are many system errors and malfunctions in the current state of Orthodox Halacha.

This website will present many examples of Halachic problems and examine their roots in the Torah world today. We will see a recurring pattern outlined by the mindset of many leading contemporaneous Rabbis who are either not willing or are subconsciously misguided and psychologically convinced into thinking that they cannot change “the system”. Some Rabbis don’t even see a problem with how Judaism is being conducted and practiced.

Breaking the old eggshell

Conceptually, the Torah and Jewish tradition in this era can be compared to a chick penetrating and breaking through its own eggshell. The shell itself is very strong while it’s whole. So long as the chick is small, it believes that the world is the egg and all that it contains. The egg is the chick’s complete world. It also subconsciously thinks that the egg is an infinite reality. The stage of penetrating the shell of the egg is crucial and unavoidable. If the chick doesn’t break the shell in time it will surely die. There comes a time when the shell of the egg can no longer hold and contain the growing chick.

Every so often, humanity as a whole breaks its old shell and steps into a new egg which itself is made up of another shell. The shell represents the thoughts, beliefs, facts, and outlook of the world. Not everything that was true in the old egg is true in the new egg. This is comparable to our understanding of the Torah and Judaism. The infiniteness of the Torah is not its shell or skeleton, but rather the life force within the Torah, which is unlimited and continually being realized anew. Due to our accumulative knowledge today, we are like “dwarfs riding on top of giants”, able to see farther and clearer than previous generations.

We are in the process of expanding and updating Uncensored Judaism with new content by a variety of scholars and Rabbis.

If you would like to post an article, link, video, etc whose content is in the spirit of this website please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Articles are reviewed by other scholars in a peer review process.

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